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Our Childer Thornton Branch

The newest addition to our family

About the branch

Childer Thornton is the most recent addition to our family and was our first venture ‘across the border’ into England! There has been a veterinary surgery in Childer Thornton for over a century and after a break of a few years, Village Vets was proud to be able to open the practice again.

Village Vets Childer Thornton is open Monday-Friday for consultations, nurse clinics and operations. We operate on an appointment basis in order to reduce waiting times. Appointments can be booked on-line, over the telephone or in person at the branch.

Behind the scenes, we have x-ray facilities, ultrasonography and a surgical suite, offering modern facilities. We can run blood tests in house and offer a range of diagnostic services. In addition to our vet consultations, we also offer nurse clinics here at Childer. We cover a range of topics including geriatric clinics, diabetic clinics and our own animal ‘Weight Watchers’.

We also operate a ‘Cat-Only Clinic’ on a Thursday afternoon between 2.15pm and 3.00pm so that any nervous or anxious cats can have a more relaxing visit, without the hustle and bustle of doggy companions.

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