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We offer a range of services


Veterinary Surgeons are available by appointment throughout the day at all branches to diagnose and treat illness, as well as carry out a variety of preventative health care procedures. Appointments can be requested online, made over the telephone or in person at the reception desk - priority is given to urgent cases. Please specify if there is a particular vet you would like to see.


Our clinics are fully equipped with modern facilities to provide comprehensive treatment. The practices have laboratory equipment, x-ray, ultrasound, endoscopy, ECG, together with sterile operating theatres incorporating up-to-date anaesthetic equipment.

Routine surgery is carried out most days and the animals are usually admitted at the beginning of the day and sent home in the afternoon/early evening. Before you entrust your pet to our care, you will be fully briefed on the surgery involved and what is required at home before and after. On admission, animals are checked and given pre-medication to assist them to settle before their operation, which is normally carried out later in the morning/early afternoon. We do require your consent in writing and any final queries about the procedure can be answered at this time. You will be given an approximate time to collect your pet and a full progress report with aftercare instructions will be given then.

Please note: dogs and cats should have no food for at least 8 hours before surgery.

Diagnostic Procedures

Here at Village Vets, we have a vast array of diagnostic tools at our disposal. We have in-house blood machines that can give us an idea of the inner health of your pet within minutes. We also have state-of-the-art digital x-ray equipment that enables us to take a peek inside your pet. This not only helps us to diagnose orthopaedic problems but can also identify any soft tissue anomalies.

Here at Village Vets and Meadowbank, we have a hospital grade ultrasound machine which can help us to look for any abnormalities; for example, tumours, foreign bodies and of course, pregnancy!

Finally, we have an endoscope which we use to look down your pet’s throat to assess their airways and oesophagus – right down to their stomach!

Nurse Clinics

The practice staff includes a number of qualified veterinary nurses, as well as trainee and auxiliary nursing assistants. Much of the preventative health care is in their hands and you will find them friendly and willing to help.

In our clinics, nurses carry out a variety of minor procedures such as microchipping, nail clipping and suture removal, as well as providing advice on feeding, dental care, flea and worm treatment and weight control. Some nurse appointments are free of charge and if you feel that one of the nursing staff may be able to help, please contact us or request online to arrange a nurse appointment.

In addition to routine consultations, the nursing team run dedicated clinics designed to concentrate on particular areas of preventative medicine and healthcare. These clinics include puppy parties and dental, geriatric and weight clinics. If you are interested in joining any of these schemes, ask us for details.

House Calls

We recognise that whilst the best facilities for treatment of your pet are in the clinics, there are circumstances when home attendance is more appropriate and we are happy to arrange a house visit for you on these occasions. Where possible, please request your visit before 10:00am. We will endeavour to provide an approximate arrival time later in the day which does not clash with commitments to morning or evening consultation sessions in the clinics. Please be aware that there is an extra charge for this.


Most medications are dispensed during consultations and after examinations by the veterinary surgeon. Current legislation requires us to carry out regular re-examinations to confirm the usefulness of medication, the accuracy of the dosage and the absence of significant side effects. Most long-term conditions will require a veterinary re-examination at no more than 6-month intervals, subject to the judgement of the clinician in charge of the case. 

For owners requiring ongoing supplies of medication, we will endeavour to prepare prescriptions within 48 hours. Please telephone the surgery to order repeat prescriptions.


Whilst procedures such as consultations, vaccinations and neutering have standard fees, the charges for most surgical operations are based on the time they take to perform. The costs of blood tests, x-rays, dressings, drugs, hospitalisation and any special materials (e.g. orthopaedic implants) are always added to the surgical fee. With the cost of the extras mentioned above, the final cost of surgery could exceed £1000, especially if prolonged hospitalisation is required. You may, therefore, like to consider the insurance policies available to cover veterinary fees.